Tiny Head, Big Body

So, I have a pea head. Which is great, I think…except when I gain a lot of weight and a then feel very disproportionate. I’ve been gone for  a minute (not like I have readers, yet) because as with most people motivation during the holiday’s was just NOT happening. I’m getting my details in order and believe Monday is going to FINALLY be the day to start this.

I watched the newest Biggest Loser from this week and I have to say I think it’s finally motivating me. I’m really excited about the girl who was a pro-wrestler and not has weight to lose. Also, I loved when Dolvet was upset with his team for not having a “sense of urgency.” I’m trying to apply this technique to not only my weight loss but for my other creative and professional goals this year. I’m viewing the weight loss as phase 1 of my personal career development. As soon as I start losing weight and regaining my confidence I’ll be able to take over a stage once again.


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