Healthy on the Inside

Today I paid a $30 co-pay for the doctor to tell I have great cholesterol…. if I only knew!!! Though I am happy about the cholesterol being great, as well as triglycerides and no foreseeable diabetic future I can’t believe I have to dish out $30! ugggghhh…I’ve lived and learned.

I’m actually shocked and excited that my insides are doing fabulous considering all the abuse they’ve been taking from my eating and hardly exercising antics.

I did some good things today.

My food:

Breakfast: 2 gluten-free waffles, earth balance, maple agave tj’s blend

Snack: Homemade steel-cut oat “bar” (I’m using bar loosely because it basically crumbles once cut), 2 brown rice cakes

Lunch: Imagine Tomato Soup (my fave), Gardein Chickn Tenders, TJ’s Bold and Smoky BBQ, Kale Chips, homemade cookie dough bite- this is probably the best lunch ever.

(I really suck at photography)

Dinner: Plus Angel Hair Pasta, vegan mushroom cream sauce, Brussels sprouts

Dessert: 1 Homemade Banana Pumpkin muffin w/ earth balance


Butt Bible: Lower Level 1

I also drank Jillian Michaels’ detox water…


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