A Real Solution

First off, I love Dr. Mike Dow. Who is he? He is the sexy addiction specialist on TLC’s Freaky Eaters. Not only is he adorable-sexy but he just wrote a book that blew my mind to bits called, Diet Rehab.

Diet Rehab is for people who are or who believe they are food addicts. Here is the best part… IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!!!! Food addiction (and all addictions) is response to your brain chemistry. When we are low on dopamine or serotonin we crave certain foods and they are usually not the right choices. After Dr. Dow tells us this he then goes into Obsessive, Emotional and Binge-eating! Is he reading my mind??? How did he know I needed help with ALL of these things.

Low serotonin stores make you feel anxious, fearful, and pessimistic about accomplishing things. It also makes you want to reach for sugary foods.

Low dopamine can account for  sad, lonely, or listless feelings. It also makes you reach for high-fat foods.

After Dr. Mike Dow describes everything to you so that you begin to have clarity moments filled with tears he then gives you the Diet Rehab Program. Essentially he tells you healthy options to boost serotonin and dopamine, which he calls “Booster foods.” In conjunction with slowly adding the booster foods to your diet you add “Booster activities” so that you are raising your levels without just the help of food but things that actually improve your mood and make you feel like life is worth living. He wants you to implement change gradually and not take anything out of your diet or life until week three where you are still not eliminating but just choosing less of the regular foods you’ve been craving.

Obviously, my explanation cannot fully detail the AMAZINGNESS of this book. I think it has literally changed my life… now I just have to implement the changes Dr. Dow discusses.


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