Fairly Focused

Today has been a good day. So far…

This morning I was EXTREMELY tired for no good reason (or because I’m old and drinking on Sunday night still effects me two days later…) so I threw together a quick breakfast to eat at work.

Whole Wheat Sandwich thin, peanut butter and banana.

It was good… but I was excited about my mid-morning snack:

Greek Yogurt, berries and almonds (plus stevia) YUMMMM

(sorry there are no pictures I’m working on my photo taking skills)

My 5 hour shift dragged sooo much today!!! Also, I was so hot and didn’t know why, weird.

I was jonesing for sugar … or something to stick in my mouth so I had about 15 peanut M& M’s and a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips… my pitfall foods for the day.

I proceeded to come home and bust out some BUTT BIBLE!!!

I’ve randomly done the upper and lower level 1 a few times in the past… year haha… but I think I’m going to actually stick to this for 6 weeks!!!

So, today me and Pauline Nordin did Upper and Lower Level 1. I love this crazy betch!!! She is hilarious, I’ve heard her comments multiple time and am still entertained, I can’t wait to move on to Level 2 and 3.

After my awesome workout I have lunch:

My dericious salad had a little kale, romaine, grape tomatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds, and nutritional yeast. I had 2 boiled eggs on the side.

It was good and filling. Then I met my boyfriend before he started his shift at the old sbux and tried to have a misto without syrup…. hahahahahha… FAIL.

I ended up having to have my precious liquid gold cinnamon dolce added.

Tonight I have to work at my Sbux… lucky me!!! I’m going to prepare something healthy to eat before I leave… kale chips are definitely on the menu.


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