Week End

So, I took Friday off from exercise which was a GOOD choice. My body needed a rest after my double-workout Thursday.

On Saturday I did and amazing Turbo Fire 45. It felt great and then… I didn’t eat a lot but I drank WAY TOO MUCH that night… not good… which of course made my Sunday suck especially when at work from 8-2. Today, I’ve eaten weird things today. I had a multi-grain bagel at work because I needed one. I thought I wanted a light frappachino but only had a few sips and threw it out. I had a random lunch of leftover millet, tofu and brussels sprouts. Then I ate almost an entire bag of Trader Joe’s Cheese Crunchies… yumm… they were reduced fat (like that matters). Then I had a couple squares of chocolate and now I’m having a homemade vegan hot chocolate (leftover from the other night), I don’t think I’ll finish it. It’s weird, nothing sounds great to me today. Especially in regard to sugar… which is great!!!


This week it is gonna be good… here’s what I want to do:

Monday: Butt Bible Upper & Lower Level 1

Tuesday: TurboFire

Wednesday: Butt Bible Upper & Lower Level 1

Thursday: TurboFire

Friday: Off

Saturday: TurboFire

Sunday: Off


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