I’m a stupid bitch….

So, I’ve been on and off so much lately… obviously, I haven’t written on here in two months. Well…. a lot of things are about to go down. It’s time to take actual ACCOUNTABILITY for my weight and my life. I bought the Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution a while ago and have been “kind of” doing it. I did weeks 1 and 2 and then random workouts from week 3…twice… in two weeks.. so. It’s about to get back on schedule. Also, I randomly found an article by Cynthia Sass and then bought her amazing book: Sass! Yourself Slim. It is a practical plan for weight loss. It is basically exactly what I need to get on track. She caters to vegetarians also. I do eat fish but just the options make it nice. Tomorrow I start her 5 Day Fast Forward. It is a slightly intense 5 day eating plan to get your tastebuds and appetite back on track. I’m really excited to try to stick to something and see results after 5 days.

The Fast Forward requires you eat 4 pre-planned meals for 5 days. These meals consist of 5 foods:

Spinach, Raspberries, Almonds & 2 TB. Almond butter, Eggs, and Nonfat Yogurt.

There are also approved spices and flavoring foods you can add.

I really need to stick to this because….


I’m going on a cruise in May!!!! Yea!!! And I am NOT cruise ready. Putting in on short sleeved top makes me cringe. I’m sure this will help.


After the Fast Forward I move on to the regular plan which is a 25 day plan (after the 5 day fast forward). It just promotes a normal balanced way of eating to lose weight. I’m also going to continue the Jillian Body Revolution Plan and add TurboFire back into my workouts. I am really excited I think I’ll make a lot of progress in 5 weeks if I stick to these things!!!


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