Going Forward

Trying the Fast Forward for… cough…one day…cough… actually gave me a lot of perspective. I’m moving on to the regular eating plan set forth by Cynthia Sass and this plan looks like normal eating which is what has drawn me to it. My biggest issues are portion control and sugar. If I can get these controlled I’ll be good.


Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution is great. I the past two days I did Phase 1 workouts 3 and 4 which correlate to front and back of body exercises. I’m officially on week 3 … since the past 2 weeks have been crazy and basically a break. I’m officially going to start food journaling, if not on here then in my new notebook, completely.


A new goal is going to be to get more sleep. This would be easy BUT my boyfriend works until 9:15 Tuesday-Saturday which makes me want to stay up late with him even though I’m tired by 10:00 sometimes. Another goal is the cruise. May 14. I’m about to print out pictures to keep me motivated… and I’m really going to *try to not have any frozen yogurt or alcohol until vacation.. uhhh. It will be worth it!!!! (just have to keep repeating that…)


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