Tiny Head, Big Body

So, I have a pea head. Which is great, I think…except when I gain a lot of weight and a then feel very disproportionate. I’ve been gone for  a minute (not like I have readers, yet) because as with most people motivation during the holiday’s was just NOT happening. I’m getting my details in order and believe Monday is going to FINALLY be the day to start this.

I watched the newest Biggest Loser from this week and I have to say I think it’s finally motivating me. I’m really excited about the girl who was a pro-wrestler and not has weight to lose. Also, I loved when Dolvet was upset with his team for not having a “sense of urgency.” I’m trying to apply this technique to not only my weight loss but for my other creative and professional goals this year. I’m viewing the weight loss as phase 1 of my personal career development. As soon as I start losing weight and regaining my confidence I’ll be able to take over a stage once again.



So, there’s been a change in plans… 🙂 I overslept Monday, therefore, was unable to walk to work. I overslept today… for real overslept and felt like doing cardio rather than strength training when I got out.

I decided to finally use the fitness room at our apartment complex and go on the treadmill. It was really great to break out of my dvd’s and go on the treadmill again. Sometimes I just really need to listen to music to get me motivated as opposed to dvds.

Source: turbokick.com

I LOVE YOU Chalene… but I’m sick of your music!

Even though I woke up late today I haven’t gone overboard in my eating. I’ve been envisioning the sparkling wine or beer I’m having tonight. I did eat some random work food today though:

Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios w/ almond milk

Snack: Blueberry Nutri-grain bar (haven’t had one of these in years)

Lunch/Snack: Brown rice, butternut squash, 1 boiled egg

Snack: Kale Chips

Dinner is TBD but word on the street is that me and my boyfriend are going to get some groceries and make something aka he will cook me something delicious, I’m hoping for salmon.


Weekly Exercise Goals: 11/14-11/20

Movement planned for this week:

Monday 11/14: Walk to and from work

Tuesday 11/15: Strength training

Wednesday 11/16: Cardio

Thursday 11/17: Walk to and from work, Strength training

Friday 11/18: Walk to and from work, Yoga or Abs

Saturday 11/19: Cardio

Sunday 11/20: OFF

Sugar Binge #9,876,999

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm…….I was CRAVING Sweet Tarts BAD. So….

I got some and my sister bought some delicious fruit Tootsie Rolls…yes, please.

Even though I’ve said it before (and failed)….tomorrow FOR REAL is the beginning of my new lifestyle. I am actually sick to my stomach from eating so shitty for the past two years lately.

So…. RIP delicious refined sugar… my triglycerides are about to be annihilated by my plant based diet (that I will finally take seriously).

Time to plan for the week!!!!!

Slow Start

I’ve been pretty good today…compared to recent days. My food intake seems normal today yet I still am not in the mood to exercise… uhhhh it’s so difficult! I feel like I have a block that is preventing me from getting my ass moving. It’s very frustrating. I always have the best intentions in the morning and at work I think about how I’m going to exercise then as soon as I get home…they die completely, especially if ANYTHING else comes up. My excuses today are: I wanted to have coffee with boyfriend before he worked, I’m really cold, I have my period. All three of these things should make me want to workout more….we shall see.