Information Overload

I’ve consumed a lot of nutritional information over that last…. well since my teens. In the last 5 years I’ve really looked at different things and I feel that it may be the root of all my problems. I just have too much stuff running about in my brain that I just say “fuck it” and eat whatever I want, not good. My cruise is coming up in a couple of weeks (!!!!!) and I’m just going to go and have fun despite my weight issues. When I get back I’m going to be committed to getting healthy on the outside. Also, maybe I’ll actually use this as a tool to track my eating…which was the point haha. There’s my monthly update 😛


Going Forward

Trying the Fast Forward for… cough…one day…cough… actually gave me a lot of perspective. I’m moving on to the regular eating plan set forth by Cynthia Sass and this plan looks like normal eating which is what has drawn me to it. My biggest issues are portion control and sugar. If I can get these controlled I’ll be good.


Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution is great. I the past two days I did Phase 1 workouts 3 and 4 which correlate to front and back of body exercises. I’m officially on week 3 … since the past 2 weeks have been crazy and basically a break. I’m officially going to start food journaling, if not on here then in my new notebook, completely.


A new goal is going to be to get more sleep. This would be easy BUT my boyfriend works until 9:15 Tuesday-Saturday which makes me want to stay up late with him even though I’m tired by 10:00 sometimes. Another goal is the cruise. May 14. I’m about to print out pictures to keep me motivated… and I’m really going to *try to not have any frozen yogurt or alcohol until vacation.. uhhh. It will be worth it!!!! (just have to keep repeating that…)

I’m a stupid bitch….

So, I’ve been on and off so much lately… obviously, I haven’t written on here in two months. Well…. a lot of things are about to go down. It’s time to take actual ACCOUNTABILITY for my weight and my life. I bought the Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution a while ago and have been “kind of” doing it. I did weeks 1 and 2 and then random workouts from week 3…twice… in two weeks.. so. It’s about to get back on schedule. Also, I randomly found an article by Cynthia Sass and then bought her amazing book: Sass! Yourself Slim. It is a practical plan for weight loss. It is basically exactly what I need to get on track. She caters to vegetarians also. I do eat fish but just the options make it nice. Tomorrow I start her 5 Day Fast Forward. It is a slightly intense 5 day eating plan to get your tastebuds and appetite back on track. I’m really excited to try to stick to something and see results after 5 days.

The Fast Forward requires you eat 4 pre-planned meals for 5 days. These meals consist of 5 foods:

Spinach, Raspberries, Almonds & 2 TB. Almond butter, Eggs, and Nonfat Yogurt.

There are also approved spices and flavoring foods you can add.

I really need to stick to this because….


I’m going on a cruise in May!!!! Yea!!! And I am NOT cruise ready. Putting in on short sleeved top makes me cringe. I’m sure this will help.


After the Fast Forward I move on to the regular plan which is a 25 day plan (after the 5 day fast forward). It just promotes a normal balanced way of eating to lose weight. I’m also going to continue the Jillian Body Revolution Plan and add TurboFire back into my workouts. I am really excited I think I’ll make a lot of progress in 5 weeks if I stick to these things!!!

Week End

So, I took Friday off from exercise which was a GOOD choice. My body needed a rest after my double-workout Thursday.

On Saturday I did and amazing Turbo Fire 45. It felt great and then… I didn’t eat a lot but I drank WAY TOO MUCH that night… not good… which of course made my Sunday suck especially when at work from 8-2. Today, I’ve eaten weird things today. I had a multi-grain bagel at work because I needed one. I thought I wanted a light frappachino but only had a few sips and threw it out. I had a random lunch of leftover millet, tofu and brussels sprouts. Then I ate almost an entire bag of Trader Joe’s Cheese Crunchies… yumm… they were reduced fat (like that matters). Then I had a couple squares of chocolate and now I’m having a homemade vegan hot chocolate (leftover from the other night), I don’t think I’ll finish it. It’s weird, nothing sounds great to me today. Especially in regard to sugar… which is great!!!


This week it is gonna be good… here’s what I want to do:

Monday: Butt Bible Upper & Lower Level 1

Tuesday: TurboFire

Wednesday: Butt Bible Upper & Lower Level 1

Thursday: TurboFire

Friday: Off

Saturday: TurboFire

Sunday: Off

9:30AM Sugar Crash

Yesterday, was a good day. I ate really well and only had 1 and a 1/2 booster foods. I did TurboFire: Fire 55 which is crazy. And then it was today…

This morning I had a really healthy breakfast: Go Lean with a few bran flakes and a banana with almond milk. I was feeling so full as I was eating it. I didn’t finish the bowl (since it was prob over the normal serving anyway).


Cut to work:

yummmy yummy

Brie and Raspberry Croissant… ummm…. yes please. This was number 2…

So… I was anticipating having one of these since yesterday and of course it is counted as one of my 3 allowable booster foods (per Diet Rehab) so, I don’t feel completely bad but I didn’t ANTICIPATE eating two. After this photo I took 1 (or 2…) last bite and threw it out. It was a dream.
The good news is that by 9 am I had drank a complete 16.9 oz. bottle of water and am now on number 2. Yea!!!
Hopefully the rest of the day will be a bit more non-binge eating like.




I have a lot of ideas about what I want to happen every day and what actually happens every day.

I used to accomplish a lot in my daily day to day life but life has been weird/different after I graduated from grad school.

Everything seems like a chore and I hate chores. So, I’m trying to use my momentum that I’m feeling today to actually do things. First off here are my workout goals for the week:

Tuesday: Butt Bible Upper and Lower (4o mins.)

Wednesday: TurboFire 55 (55 mins.)

Thursday: Butt Bible Upper and Lower (40 mins.)

Friday: TurboFire Fire 45 (45 mins.)

Saturday: Butt Bible Upper and Lower (40 mins.)

Sunday: off

So… that’s what I’m GOING to do.

I’m also a huge procrastinator or many things… that’s why with school I was always on top of my shit, there were deadlines. I’m thinking about implementing some kind of deadline system for things. I guess just some all over motivation for annoying things. This is a good start!!

Fairly Focused

Today has been a good day. So far…

This morning I was EXTREMELY tired for no good reason (or because I’m old and drinking on Sunday night still effects me two days later…) so I threw together a quick breakfast to eat at work.

Whole Wheat Sandwich thin, peanut butter and banana.

It was good… but I was excited about my mid-morning snack:

Greek Yogurt, berries and almonds (plus stevia) YUMMMM

(sorry there are no pictures I’m working on my photo taking skills)

My 5 hour shift dragged sooo much today!!! Also, I was so hot and didn’t know why, weird.

I was jonesing for sugar … or something to stick in my mouth so I had about 15 peanut M& M’s and a bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips… my pitfall foods for the day.

I proceeded to come home and bust out some BUTT BIBLE!!!

I’ve randomly done the upper and lower level 1 a few times in the past… year haha… but I think I’m going to actually stick to this for 6 weeks!!!

So, today me and Pauline Nordin did Upper and Lower Level 1. I love this crazy betch!!! She is hilarious, I’ve heard her comments multiple time and am still entertained, I can’t wait to move on to Level 2 and 3.

After my awesome workout I have lunch:

My dericious salad had a little kale, romaine, grape tomatoes, avocado, sunflower seeds, and nutritional yeast. I had 2 boiled eggs on the side.

It was good and filling. Then I met my boyfriend before he started his shift at the old sbux and tried to have a misto without syrup…. hahahahahha… FAIL.

I ended up having to have my precious liquid gold cinnamon dolce added.

Tonight I have to work at my Sbux… lucky me!!! I’m going to prepare something healthy to eat before I leave… kale chips are definitely on the menu.

A Real Solution

First off, I love Dr. Mike Dow. Who is he? He is the sexy addiction specialist on TLC’s Freaky Eaters. Not only is he adorable-sexy but he just wrote a book that blew my mind to bits called, Diet Rehab.

Diet Rehab is for people who are or who believe they are food addicts. Here is the best part… IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!!!! Food addiction (and all addictions) is response to your brain chemistry. When we are low on dopamine or serotonin we crave certain foods and they are usually not the right choices. After Dr. Dow tells us this he then goes into Obsessive, Emotional and Binge-eating! Is he reading my mind??? How did he know I needed help with ALL of these things.

Low serotonin stores make you feel anxious, fearful, and pessimistic about accomplishing things. It also makes you want to reach for sugary foods.

Low dopamine can account for  sad, lonely, or listless feelings. It also makes you reach for high-fat foods.

After Dr. Mike Dow describes everything to you so that you begin to have clarity moments filled with tears he then gives you the Diet Rehab Program. Essentially he tells you healthy options to boost serotonin and dopamine, which he calls “Booster foods.” In conjunction with slowly adding the booster foods to your diet you add “Booster activities” so that you are raising your levels without just the help of food but things that actually improve your mood and make you feel like life is worth living. He wants you to implement change gradually and not take anything out of your diet or life until week three where you are still not eliminating but just choosing less of the regular foods you’ve been craving.

Obviously, my explanation cannot fully detail the AMAZINGNESS of this book. I think it has literally changed my life… now I just have to implement the changes Dr. Dow discusses.

Out of Breath

I’ve been…. out of breath lately. As in, I’m so out of shape I walk a miniscule distance and I’m breathing heavy. Gross. I hate it so much. Luckily, I read an AMAHZING book last week that I think is going to change my life which I will write about in my next post.

But today I had to start making things happen physically. I’ve been wanting to exercise so bad and I knew today I had time after my morning job. So, I decided to go with a dvd that helped me stay looking sexy a few years ago, the tried and true Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

Why I like this workout:

-I like the flow of 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs in 3 circuits

-It’s only 30 minutes

-It’s interval training, 2 for 1

-I love Jillian’s remarks… I really do (even though I’ve done these workouts a bazillion times)

This is all very exciting.

After I worked out I decided to have a small salad with butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, and sunflower seeds (which I added after the pic) because I’m having a late late lunch with the boyfriend soon.


Also, I’ve been productive without even trying today!!!

Black beans in the slow-cooker!!


Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the amazing book that is going to change my life!!!


Healthy on the Inside

Today I paid a $30 co-pay for the doctor to tell I have great cholesterol…. if I only knew!!! Though I am happy about the cholesterol being great, as well as triglycerides and no foreseeable diabetic future I can’t believe I have to dish out $30! ugggghhh…I’ve lived and learned.

I’m actually shocked and excited that my insides are doing fabulous considering all the abuse they’ve been taking from my eating and hardly exercising antics.

I did some good things today.

My food:

Breakfast: 2 gluten-free waffles, earth balance, maple agave tj’s blend

Snack: Homemade steel-cut oat “bar” (I’m using bar loosely because it basically crumbles once cut), 2 brown rice cakes

Lunch: Imagine Tomato Soup (my fave), Gardein Chickn Tenders, TJ’s Bold and Smoky BBQ, Kale Chips, homemade cookie dough bite- this is probably the best lunch ever.

(I really suck at photography)

Dinner: Plus Angel Hair Pasta, vegan mushroom cream sauce, Brussels sprouts

Dessert: 1 Homemade Banana Pumpkin muffin w/ earth balance


Butt Bible: Lower Level 1

I also drank Jillian Michaels’ detox water…